Local Selection
The State Board of Education formally adopts materials appropriate for use in the Texas schools. These state adopted materials are categorized as conforming or nonconforming and will be paid for by the state up to a predetermined maximum allowable cost.
  1. Publishers are required to provide complete descriptions of newly adopted instructional materials to all school districts and open-enrollment charter schools; however, a district retains the option of requesting one complete official sample. Publishers are responsible for all aspects of the shipment and retrieval of sample materials and bear all costs of the sampling process.
  2. Each local board of trustees is responsible for determining appropriate local policy for selecting new instructional materials. However, with the exception detailed in the following paragraph, only state-adopted instructional materials ratified by a school district's board of trustees will be purchased by the state for districts.
  3. In enrichment subjects, school districts will be allowed to select non-adopted instructional materials. The state will pay the district the lesser of:
    • Seventy percent of the cost of the materials to the district based on the applicable quota for adopted materials in the subject, or
    • Seventy percent of the maximum cost to the state established in the proclamation for the subject based on the applicable quota for adopted materials in the subject. School districts electing to order non-adopted instructional materials will be responsible for the remainder of the cost.

Source: Texas Education Agency