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TEA's Internal Strife Grows
July 7, 2007
Press release

Math Educators Praise Lawmakers for Commitment to New Books
May 23, 2007
Press release

Schools Would Pay More and Get Inadequate Textbooks Under House Bill.
April 25, 2007
Press release

Texas Education Agency Instructional Material Newsletter.
May 2006

Funding for math at stake in legislative session
February 1, 2007
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A wish list for public education
December 18, 2006
Dallas Morning News

Publishers Offer to Step Up Timeline for Producing Reading Materials
November 15, 2006 Press Release

Do You Ever Wonder Why Each Hard Drive or Software Program is Accompanied by a Book?
Published: October 19, 2006
By Janice Lombardi, President, Texas State Reading Association
"As President of the Texas State Reading Association, I represent several thousand educators from across the great state of Texas who are avid supporters of literacy - the reading of books, newspapers, magazines and, yes, even the new literacies of technology." More...

Publishers' Perspectives on Texas Textbook Adoption
October 18, 2006
Association of American Publishers Testimony to the Texas Senate Committee on Education

Publishers Urge State Lawmakers to Honor Guarantee of Free Textbooks For All Texas K-12 Students
October 18, 2006 Press Release

James Herrod: New requirements add up to trouble
Dallas Morning News: Saturday, September 30, 2006
Adding math and science credits will strain the system.

AG Abbott Opinion a Victory for Elected SBOE
Will Lutz, Texas Insider, September 20, 2006

Read the September 16 letter to the Texas Legislature from the State Board of Education, which addresses textbook funding and the Board's action on increasing the required number of credits for high school graduation.

Read SBOE position paper on textbook funding and procurement.

Texas Education Association Instructional Materials Newsletter
Delivered August 4, 2006
Current information regarding instructional materials in Texas public schools.

Laptops don't make the grade
July 19, 2006
Fort Worth Star Telegram

$14 Million Study Proves Student Laptops Ineffective Academically
July 15, 2006
Donna Garner, Education News

Textbook Coordinators Applaud Senate.
May 10, 2006
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Reform bill would delay elementary math books
May 9, 2006
Associated Press

Senate Finance Committee version of House Bill 1 would delay elementary math books.
May 4, 2006

Educators Outraged Over Attack on New Math Textbooks
May 1, 2006
Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics

Aging textbooks fail Illinois kids: Throughout the state, schoolchildren are using books that are falling apart and badly out-of-date
April 16, 2006
Chicago Tribune

Professor uses a new math to predict disease spread
April 7, 2006
Austin American-Statesman

Texas Classroom Groups Mark April Math Month with Warning that the State is Falling Behind, Call for New Teaching Materials
April 6, 2006
Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics

Math Educators Call on Legislative Candidates to Fund New Math Textbooks for Texas Classrooms
Published: 3/3/2006
Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics

State Board of Education Emerges as Mainstream Advocates for School Children of Texas
Published: 1/5/2006
By: Chuck McDonald

WE ALL AGREE, SO LET'S STOP ARGUING - Supporting our future with good tools
By: Representative Joe Straus, District 121
Published: 12/15/2005

Texas Lags In Math, Science
Economic Future Demands Curriculum Improvements
Published: 12/22/2005
By Jamie Story, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Opinion Editorial by Chuck McDonald
January 5, 2006
State Board of Education Emerges as Mainstream Advocates for Texas Schoolchildtren

TCAT Release
August 11, 2005
Textbook 'Reform' Mangles the One Area That Was Working

Opinion Editorial by Pat Hardy, SBOE
August 9, 2005
Here We Go Again!

Associated Press
August 7, 2005
School Finance Quagmire Shows No Sign of Progress

Houston Chronicle
August 5, 2005
Craddick Urges the Legislature to End Session Early

San Antonio Express-News
August 5, 2005
Craddick Set to Throw in the Towel

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
August 5, 2005
Craddick Says It's Time to Go Home

Dallas Morning News
August 5, 2005
Craddick: Time to End Session

Dallas Morning News
August 5, 2005
Let Them Have Books: Lawmakers Have Ignored the Basics

Dallas Morning News
August 5, 2005
Throw the Bums Out ...

Dallas Morning News
August 4, 2005
Legislative Logjam Blocking Textbooks

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
July 29, 2005
Opinions: Pay the Folks

Waco Tribune-Herald
July 27, 2005
Editorial: Perks Over Books

TCAT Release
July 27, 2005
Buy the Books Now!

Austin American-Statesman
July 26, 2005
Buy Us Some Textbooks

TCAT Release
July 20, 2005
State Fails to Fund Textbooks - Again

Port Arthur News
July 10, 2005
Schools May Face Textbook Crunch

Dallas Morning News
July 9, 2005
Free the Textbooks

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
July 1, 2005
Book Report

Office of the Governor
June 22, 2005
Gov. Perry Proposes Historic Education Funding, Record Property Tax Relief

TCAT Release
June 16, 2005
Textbook Funding Caught in the Crossfire in Battle over School Finance

Austin American-Statesman
May 26, 2005
Anyone have a finance textbook?

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
May 19, 2005
Yes to Vouchers, No to Textbooks

TFLA Release
May 10, 2005
Texas Foreign Language Association Sounds Alarm on Textbook Funding Shortfall

April 28, 2005
"A Realistic Teacher's View of Technology in the Classroom"
Why are Texas Legislators (and many in the public) buying the lie about the necessity of laptop computers for public school students (HB 4)? I guess it is because people think it sounds so glamorous for students to be "brought into the 21st Century." by Donna Garner

Out2 News
April 24, 2005
Stealth Attack on Textbook Adoption: SBOE Member Speaks Out
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San Antonio Express-News
April 22, 2005
Educators Give Failing Grade to Textbook-Funding Legislation

Waco Tribune-Herald
April 22, 2005
Editorial: Laptop of Luxury

San Antonio Express-News
April 17, 2005
Comment: In Its Attempt to Reform Education, Legislature Drops the Ball

Houston Chronicle
April 16, 2005
Legislature Looks to Reduce School's Dependence on Textbooks

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
April 16, 2005
Books May Not Get State Money

Texas PTA Release
April 13, 2005
Textbook Funding Lost in the Shuffle

TCAT Release
April 7, 2005
House Bill Fails to Fund Textbooks

The following are releases reminding legislators that there is still not enough money in the budget to fund textbooks.
April 4, 2005
Fine Arts Educators Urge Representatives to Fund Textbooks

Students Risk Starting School Year Without Foreign Language Textbooks

Current Finance Bill Lacks Money for Textbooks

The Textbook Coordinators Association of Texas (TCAT) issued the attached press release statewide announcing that there is not enough funding in the newly filed House and Senate bills to for any of the textbooks that the State Board of Education Ýadopted last November. TCAT is sending out the press release below in hopes the Legislature will not wait until the last minute to find enough money for textbooks and instructional materials.
March 28, 2005
Textbook Deadline Looms: Texas textbook coordinators face deadline to get instructional materials to students

The following opinion editorial by Geraldine Miller, the chair of the State Board of Education, explains the procedures the Board has executed to ensure the legislature has a mechanism to fund textbooks.
February 28, 2005
Our Children Deserve Their Textbooks

Opinion Editorial by Linda Holcombe, Executive Director, Texas Industrial Vocational Association
February 3, 2005
Don't Hold Us Back: Protect the Progress of Career & Technology Education

Guest Commentary by Rod Paige and Mike Huckabee
January 26, 2005
Putting Arts Education Front and Center
Rod Paige has served for the past four years as the U.S. Secretary of Education. Mike Huckabee is the governor of Arkansas and the current chairman of the Education Commission of the States (2004-06).

Opinion Editorial by Representative Gene Seaman
December 3, 2004
Texas Schools Must Prepare Our Kids for Jobs

Texas Textbook Coordinators Association - Press Release
July 15, 2004
Textbook coordinators' call for full funding in '05

Roberto P. Trevino M.D.
September 8, 2004
Statement regarding the State Board of Education's public hearing on health textbooks

Quorum Report
June 29, 2004
Nutrition panel alarmed at new survey on overweight Texas children

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
June 11, 2004
Some Students Might Not Get Schoolbooks

American Statesman
October 20, 2005
Central Texas schools make do with old materials