The Honorable Lois W. Kolkhorst
House Appropriations Committee
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, Texas 78768

Dear Representative Kolkhorst:

New instructional materials in mathematics are essential for Texas students and teachers. They need them to study the TEKS curriculum and prepare for the TAKS. We appreciate that House Bill 1, the appropriations bill, has fully funded these new materials and that the funding level will guarantee that our students and teachers receive the materials they need. We ask that the Legislature keep the funding intact.

With graduation plans requiring more math and science courses, we need materials to reach all students. We anticipate many more students will now be taking more rigorous courses such as Algebra II as a result of legislative action. The new materials are a high priority for student success.

The new instructional materials are not just in print; they also come in electronic versions. Many of the new electronic materials also provide integrated curriculum tools to help teachers prepare lessons and assignments and to help students learn difficult math concepts with extra reinforcement and examples. The transition to integrating technology into classes every day will be supported by these new materials.

Thank you for considering this request to keep the funding more mathematics instructional materials intact. And thank you for supporting the mathematics teachers and students of Texas.



Cynthia L. Schneider, Ph.D.