Testimony for Texas

Testimony for Texas House of Representatives Appropriations Committee Regarding Funding for Instructional Materials for Mathematics.

Michelle King, Government Relations Representative
[email protected]

On behalf of the Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics, mathematics professionals representing every region in the state, I would like to thank the committee for the consideration of the budget item pertaining to the purchase of instructional materials, stress the importance of these new materials and urge you to keep the funding intact.

New instructional materials in mathematics are critical for Texas students’ success in learning mathematics content. In order to prepare to deliver high quality instruction, teacher must be able to reference current resources that are aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The availability of these resources is paramount as we prepare for the assessments such as the TAKS. We appreciate that House Bill 1, the appropriations bill, has fully funded these new materials and that the funding level will guarantee that our students and teachers receive the materials they need. Thank you!

The new materials are a high priority for student success:

  • With the Legislature increasing the requirements for math and science courses, we need assurance that the adopted and selected materials reach all students.
  • The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Mathematics (K-12) have been revised. The recently adopted textbook resources are aligned to the refined curriculum standards.
  • In order to meet the TEKS expectations and prepare students for assessments, it is imperative that we have aligned resources and support materials.
  • Proclamation 2004 provides the first opportunity to have state adopted materials for Mathematical Models with Applications, a course eligible to fulfill one of the four mathematics credits for graduation on the Recommended High School Program.
  • The new instructional materials are not just in print; they also include electronic versions designed to utilize technology as a tool for learning and assessment. Many of the new materials also provide integrated curriculum tools to help teachers prepare lessons, assignments, and assessments designed to meet individual student needs.
We ask that the Legislature keep the funding intact. We would also ask that the Legislature continue the current system of ensuring that textbooks are paid for by and purchased by the state, because it is a system that works well and guarantees that every child and teacher gets the aligned and comprehensive materials they need – for teaching, learning and assessing.